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Fighting for Small Business in Long Beach
Dear Readers,


As you know I introduced a piece of legislation last week that would provide business license relief for independent contractors during the coming Fiscal Year. Another Councilmember also introduced legislation for June 19th dealing with a similar issue, so I agreed to move my item to this coming Tuesday, June 19th so we can discuss both at the same time. Glad to see so many council members concerned about our small businesses. 


Council Approves Forum on Listening to Business


I authored another piece of legislation (click here)  that directs the City Manager to set up a public forum so that the council can listen to the concerns of business and find out what it is we are doing wrong or we can do better or more of.


There was much discussion because I had asked that the Chamber of Commerce be involved in this forum. Apparently several council members are not happy with the Chamber nor convinced that it will work on behalf of small businesses so I agreed that the City Manager should contact any and all organizations that are interested in helping make this forum a success! 


Since taking office, I have pursued a number of efforts to assist small businesses, including a small business advisory committee; "prime time business" - which encourages City Council to showcase a local business once a month at council meetings; and a package of "business growth incentives" which I placed on the Council agenda last August.  


Small business is the economic engine of our community and local government needs to do what it can to support and encourage it and to get out of the way when it needs to. 


Thank you for taking time to be involved. If you need additional information or comment, please email me at:

Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske