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Art in the 5th and Free Fridays

Dear Readers,


I recently met with Ron Nelson, Director of the Long Beach Museum of Art to get an update on how we can bring more art to the 5th Council District and connect residents with the wonderful programs of LBMA.


Ron and his staff provided an interesting overview of what is offered at LBMA, including the extensive programs offered for our students.


After you read the information below, I need you to take a few minutes to complete a brief survey to let me know what if anything you would like to see happen in the 5th District regarding the arts.


But first,  here's what I discovered: 


Art in the 5th Council District


While located on Ocean Blvd near downtown Long Beach, the Museum of Art is having a big impact in the 5th Council District with its many programs which involve our students.


Take for instance the "curator in training" program held at Millikan High School. After taken on guided tours to learn about art history, a select group of students were given a historic overview of the origination of exhibitions and how a curator chooses what to exhibit and how to exhibit. Other topics included publishing, conservation, and exhibit administration which prepared students to develop and install their own exhibitions.  Get ready for a Fall 2012 exhibition entirely curated by our Millikan students.


Through the "KidsVision" program, 5th graders from the 5th district (and throughout the city) were treated to a day at the Museum of Art and introduced to the history of visual arts.


The "Toyota Children's Gallery" hosts the artwork of students throughout Long Beach, providing a unique experience for students to see their own work displayed in a major art museum. Toyota also provides tours of the art museum for student groups.


If you would like to help sponsor a group of students to visit the Long Beach Museum of Art, you can "buy a bus." Your $100 tax-deductible donation, on behalf of a loved one, will help provide transportation to send one LBUSD fifth-grade classroom to LBMA for a unique arts learning experience. In acknowledgement of your generous gift, you will receive a school bus keychain to notify your loved one that a gift has been made in their name.


For more information about the student programs; go online to: LB Museum of Art. 


Summer Program Available for Adults


Click here to see the summer programs available at the Long Beach Museum of Art for adults. The focus this summer is on Memory Book Arts for All - Parents, Teachers, Caregivers, and Artists.


Fridays are Free

Gerit Grimm 

Don't forget that admission to the LB Museum of Art is free on Fridays. The current exhibit is Gerit Grimm: Beyond the Figurine.


Please take this brief survey on arts in the 5th Council District. Let me know what you think is or is not needed.


Thanks again for staying involved.




Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske