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What the City of Long Beach Might Owe
What the City of Long Beach Might Owe...and Other Documents You Need to Read

Dear Readers,

Am posting a variety of documents you might want to read as these issues are facing the City right now.

Redevelopment Liability

You might recall that the State Legislature did away with redevelopment and their agencies so that the taxes taken off the top of property value increases could be returned to schools and other state funded services.

By February 1, all redevelopment agencies needed to be dissolved. Cities were given the option to become the "successor agency" for their redevelopment and to assume all obligations as the state "oversight board" decides what remaining assets and funds can be spent or returned to the State.

I strongly objected to the City becoming the successor agency because of the liabilities we would assume. Unfortunately, the City Council was never given the opportunity to publicly vote on this matter and by default, the City has become the successor agency. I am including the memo sent to council that outlines the enforceable obligations the City has just taken on.

Repaving Carson Street Adjacent to Towne Center

Good news. The City of Lakewood is partnering with the City of Long Beach to finish the paving of Carson Street adjacent tot he Long Beach Towne Center. Click here to read the details. (A reminder: Lakewood is a fraction of the size of Long Beach with only 88,000 residents (the size of two Long Beach Council districts combined) so you may see more of their streets paved than ours. That's because they have much fewer to do.)

Alamitos Generating Plant Draft Closure Plan

Third District resident, Pat Towner, flagged this report which was not made readily available to Long Beach residents.  I pass this along because there is some concern by environmentalists regarding the new cleaning techniques. Public comments can still be sent.

Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske