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Attorney General Extracts $16 Settlement from Three Banks Over Illegal Foreclosures - 1 in 37 Homes Were Foreclosed in LA County

Dear Readers,

I have set up a website to help residents understand the recent settlement by the California Attorney General Kamala Harris with three major banks on the issue of illegal foreclosures. More than $16 million will be paid in a variety of forms to help homeowners keep their homes or to receive some type of compensation for having been foreclosed upon illegally.

Just click to find out the details of the settlement and links to where you can find more information. The process will start once a settlement administrator has been appointed. In the meantime there are links on where you can obtain counseling concerning your mortgage (from US Housing and Urban Development).

I will post updates on the website. 
Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske

P.S. As  a reminder, I cosponsored a city ordinance that sets up a foreclosure registry so that the city can hold banks responsible for maintaining a property after foreclosure.


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