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A Shared Vision of Broadway
On Saturday, February 4, business owners and residents got together to discuss a vision for Broadway at a meeting hosted by Vice Mayor Lowenthal at Bixby Park Community Center.  Attendees heard ideas for improving the corridor in areas such as retail, pedestrian safety, traffic calming, zoning, and streetscape.

Vice Mayor Lowenthal asked r
epresentatives from Planning, Neighborhood Services, Traffic Engineering and LB Transit  discussed opportunities for improvements to the corridor based on feedback from a previous meeting in late 2010 and their experiences in the field.  She also asked Dianne Sundstrom from Belmont Heights Community Association to speak about their process for reaching consensus on a plan to improve their portion of the Broadway corridor.  Finally, Sidney Cramer, president of On Broadway Merchants Association, shared their proposed vision for Broadway's business corridor in hopes of encouraging community dialogue and reaching consensus. 

The merchant association's idea of creating "villages" based on main streets/areas of the corridor (e.g. Temple Village, Belmont Heights Village, Alamitos Beach Village) is intended to help with destination marketing and encourage community participation along the corridor.  It received support from a majority of those in attendance at the meeting.  On Broadway Merchants Association will be visiting each of the neighborhood associations that line Broadway over the next few months seeking concensus on the "villages" concept before the Vice Mayor Lowenthal hosts another community meeting.
For questions about the Broadway Visioning meetings or the presentation, please contact the Second District office at (562) 570-6684.

To view a copy of the powerpoint presentation, please click on the link below:

( Broadway Visioning Powerpoint Presentation )