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Good News About Potential Business for Long Beach
Good News About Potential Business for
Long Beach

Dear Reader,  


Great news for how we can get business to come to Long Beach! I invited a team of marketing professionals to study and to present their findings on what Long Beach has to offer businesses in terms of our buying power and demographics.  


Last night in City Council they presented the information which shows Long Beach has much to offer and that smart marketing programs that include social media can bring (drive) people to buy locally. This is great news for high end retailers who have often neglected to locate in Long Beach and fantastic news for the City. 


The presenters showed some very sophisticated data which can be used to convince business to locate here!


 Click here to read presentation


Side Note: I had to apologize to the presenters because of the arrogance and rudeness of the councilman from the 3rd District. (see my blog: Unfortunately because of his behavior they cut their presentation short. And we wonder why business doesn't come here.





 Another Business Friendly Council Action 


Am glad to report that the Council approved my agenda item "Prime Time" for business in Long Beach which will take 5 minutes on the third council meeting of the month to showcase a Long Beach-based business. This will give the council and the public the opportunity to hear about our local businesses and to give the businesses an a chance to announce job openings. Several other cities are doing this as a way to support local business and to send the message that the Council appreciates them being there.  


 Stayed tuned as I continue to bring forward items that will encourage business to locate and to grow in Long Beach. 

Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske


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