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Opening Up the City of Long Beach
Help Me Open Up the City of Long Beach


open up longbeachHello Dear Reader,

Can you spare some time over the next 12 months to help me open up the City of Long Beach so that it is more transparent, accountable and collaborative?

I hope you can because with your help today I am launching

- a website and a project to make the City of Long Beach more accountable, transparent and collaborative with its residents.


From the White House with the 'Open Government Initiative' to States and cities across the US, more and more levels of government understand the need to create an unprecedented level of openness, transparency and public participation to strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in government.  


Now Long Beach has an opportunity to engage its residents on what can be done to truly make the City the most open, transparent and collaborative local government in the US.This process will not only encourage and ensure more citizen participation in local government but will spur creative, entrepreneurial businesses as it has done in several other cities where open government was launched. Readily accessible government data allows businesses to assess whether or not to locate here and/or to expand.


I was the first councilperson to publicly post my schedule and to provide city documents through my blog. I have also pushed for the City to open the collective bargaining process and to provide more data on the City website.


The first meeting of Open Up Long Beach will be held on Monday, February 6, at 6pm in the El Dorado Community Center. Participants will review what some other cities are doing to open their local governments and to brain- storm about what needs to be done in Long Beach. Plans for a CityCampLongBeach (Transparency Camp) will also be discussed.


The meeting and project is open to any resident of Long Beach. For more information, please contact my council office at: 562 570-6932 or log onto:


Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske


What's Up At City Council?
Here's your copy of the upcoming City Council Agenda. 
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I will be sending readers a copy of the City Council Agenda each week so that you can review it and provide feedback on your opinions. 
January 17, 2012
City Council meets at 5 pm in Council Chambers 
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