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Councilmember Neal's Weekly Update

Dear Neighbors

Last Friday, my wife and I hosted the District Captains and neighborhood association presidents for a Holiday Celebration at my home. This was the second year we hosted this party, and it is turning out to be a nice tradition for our district. Thanks to every one who came out.

Secondly, congratulations to the graduates of the Andy Street Culinary Art Class. Twelve graduates participated in their ceremony on Thursday.

Also, congratulations to Better Balance Long Beach, Dan Pressburg and Jack Smith, on another successful "One Day Christmas Store." Over 650 families and 3000 Long Beach residents participated in this years program. Congratulations on a job well done.

In the weeks to come, please look out for our end of the year, Building a Better Ninth District, Phase II Recap.

Lastly, to all Ninth District residents, however you celebrate your holidays, on behalf of the Ninth District team, we wish you a Happy Holiday season and Merry Christmas. 
Steven Neal

Long Beach City Councilmember, Ninth District