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What I Have Been Working on This Month
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Before we end this year, I wanted to provide you an update about several important items, including:
  • Construction schedule for Ernest McBride High School (replacing DeMille Middle School)
  • SNAP registry for those with special needs -- a good way to let paramedics know if you need special help
  • The latest on the potential closure of Redondo Avenue US Postal Service
  • The historical replica hanging in the LB Arena which honors the 100th Anniversary of the First Flight Across America to Long Beach..

Just click here to read all these stories.


In addition to requests for sidewalk and street repairs, graffiti removal, pothole repair, clamping down on speeders and many other items, I do receive more than 100 emails a week which I try to answer personally...and I try to get the problems resolved. Not a perfect score. But I am trying. 


So keep them coming. That's what local government is all about.


Thanks for caring enough to read these emails.




Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske