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Major Tree Trimming Project
Making sure that we have clean and good looking streets has been a priority of mine since taking office. If you live in the First District or in a Downtown neighborhood, you may have noticed that we have begun a major tree trimming project. In fact, I am proud to report that by the end of January, 50% of all public trees in the First District will be trimmed.

If you live in the Downtown, North Pine, West Gateway, Willmore Neighborhood, or in the East Village, your public trees will be trimmed in the next few weeks. All major corridors will also be trimmed including palm trees on Pine Avenue, Pacific, Long Beach Blvd, and Atlantic.

Most of these trees have not been trimmed in over 7 years, and they were in desperate need of attention and care. I want to thank our Public Works team for working so hard to ensure this project is completed by the end of January - they are a dedicated and hard working crew.

Thanks again, and if you have any questions about the tree trimming project, please contact my office at (562) 570-6919, or by email at