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It took several years but we finally removed it...
It took several years but we finally removed it...
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Coyote Creek Bridge Spanning from Hawaiian Gardens to Long Beach Has Been Removed -- Announces Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske.


Long Beach, CA -- It took several years, countless meetings and funds provided by Los Angeles County, but the pedestrian bridge spanning from Hawaiian Gardens to Long Beach has finally been removed announced 5th District Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske, who took the issue on several years ago when residents on the Long Beach side complained about the eyesore.


"Thanks to the wonderful work of Long Beach City staff and the dollars and dedication by LA County Supervisor Don Knabe, the 226th Street pedestrian bridge that spanned Coyote Creek and connected Hawaiian Gardens to Long Beach has been removed," said Schipske in her blog (  


"The bridge had a number of problems which made it unsafe and it remained locked and quite an eyesore. As part of the project to remove the bridge, the County will also straighten the adjoining channel access roads and restore the embankments and fencing."

Schipske particularly thanked Supervisor Don Knabe who helped mediate its removal on the non-Long Beach side. "Several years ago there was not a lot of interest for the non-Long Beach side to agree to the removal. Don's diplomatic style helped smooth the decision that the bridge needed to be removed because it was unsafe and an eyesore -- not because of where it was located," explained Schipske.


The bridge was originally built so that children on the Long Beach side could attend school on the other side of the bridge in the ABC school district but was abandoned several years ago and remained locked and the target for graffitti.  


Schipske also announced that she has been working  LA County to install mile markers on the bike trail along the river so that bikers can know where they are in case they need to contact 9-1-1- for assistance. "That's another project that has taken many years but it is coming soon!"