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Parks and Recreation Commission Votes to Approve Site Schipske Suggested for East Side Dog Park
Dog park site  

Thank you to everyone who joined me at the Parks and Recreation Commission meeting yesterday. The Commission voted 7-0 to approve the site I had recommended in the "tree farm area" just south of Spring Street and adjacent to the Animal Care Center.   


Now comes the hard part -- raising private money to construct and maintain the dog park. The Friends of the El Dorado Dog Park will host a fundraiser in the 5th Council District Good Neighbor Park on December 3rd. I encourage people to stop by and support the event 9 am to 2pm. The park is located at 2800 Studebaker Road.


Am glad to read that 4th District Councilmember Patrick O'Donnell -- who was unable to attend the Parks and Rec Commission meeting and who has recently become involved on this issue -- supports this site. 


It took a long time to find a site that was suitable and to work out most of the concerns that have been raised. I appreciate all the time Parks and Recreation staff have spent with me and others on this issue.    


Community Gardens Concerns


A number of people raised concerns about how the community gardens floods and receives run off from the surrounding area. I am placing an item on the council agenda that will request that Parks and Recreation department explore what can be done to fix this problem.