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El Dorado Dog Park Becoming More of a Reality -- Parcel Perfect for Partnerships with Animal Care Services

After over a year of meetings with residents through my Lakes, Ponds and Wetlands Task force, we are very close to having an eastside dog park.


I was approached by residents over a year ago to find suitable land for a dog park. At first, we looked at El Dorado regional park - and found it not suitable because of a lack of bathrooms and parking or the location was near the power lines and SCE would not allow use underneath.


We also encouraged the residents wanting a park to form a non profit organization so they could raise funds to build and to maintain a dog park. And they did. They became the Friends of the El Dorado Dog Park. 


We looked at the area adjacent the furthest north end of the park in hopes we could get Pet Smart involved. But again, parking and bathrooms were a problem.


I walked El Dorado Park south and located space between the ball fields and the golf course -- fenced on several sides -- and near parking and bathrooms -- it would be a good spot. However, it was too small.


So I turned my attend to looking behind the archery range and a spot near the Fire Station. Nah. Too expensive and it would take away dedicated park land.


So I got on google maps and found that the city had three parcels being used for maintenance off Spring. I walked the property and became convinced it was a good fit.  Click here to see map. 


There are good size parcels near the Animal Care Services Shelter -- which would offer a great opportunity for partnerships and education at the dog park. 


City staff was opposed to using the parcel because it would mean relocating their maintenance into the other parcels.  


Finally, staff agreed that the maintenance parcel would be the location for a dog park on the eastside.


So city staff is taking that recommendation to the Parks, Recreation and Marine Commission on November 10 and I encourage residents to attend and to let the Commissioners know how you feel.


This will be a great additional to the east side of Long Beach. I want to thank the residents who pushed for a dog park and city staff who also spent long hours checking out everyone of our suggested locations.  


Hope to see you at the meeting.

Come to Parks, Recreation and Marine Commission Meeting to Support the El Dorado Dog Park 



Date: Thursday, November 10, 2011 

Time: 9 am 

Location: El Dorado Community Center, 2800 N. Studebaker Road. 


All residents are invited to attend. Call (562) 570-6932 for more information.