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What Labor Day Means to Long Beach
Labor Day in Long Beach has always been one of my favorite days of the year. It's a day when we come together to visit with friends over hot dogs and hamburgers, we enjoy our coast and attractions, and we plan family block parties and BBQ's. As we celebrate this weekend, we should never forget the true meaning of Labor Day and what today means for Long Beach.

Today we celebrate the contributions of workers who through collective bargaining and hard work gained basic workplace protections for women, created the minimum wage, the 5 day work week, and built the middle class. Our American workforce has built the best country in the world.

In Long Beach, our middle class was built in great part because of the workers and unions who organized at McDonnell Douglas (Boeing) and our manufacturing plants. These early pioneers were able to buy homes, and plant roots in every corner of our city.

I'm proud of our teachers, firefighters, police officers, construction workers, and all our city employees who are cleaning our streets, helping our children in our libraries, and maintaining our parks. These employees are the backbone of our middle class in Long Beach, and we should be extremely thankful for their contributions.

So as we enjoy another Labor Day in Long Beach, let's remember all the hardworking men and women who have made our city a great place to live.

Go Long Beach,

Robert Garcia