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You can send a message today about cuts to Fire Station 18 & 19!
Dear Taxpayers -- they are at it again proposing cuts for fire services in the 5th Council District.

This time the Mayor and City Manager are proposing to reduce and spread thin the services provided at TWO of our Fire Stations: 18 and 19! (I will send you details about how they are going after Bach Library in our District as well.)

Click here and sign the on line petition to send a message that taxpayers deserve quality fire services in their own neighborhoods.

I have also posted on my councilwebsite understandable graphs about this year's and the proposed budget.    

I need your time and help. I am including the link to the proposed Fiscal Year 2012 City of Long Beach budget presented by Mayor Bob Foster. Please take time to look at the documents so that when we have our community conversation on the proposed budget on August 29th at 6:30pm at the El Dorado Community Center in the 5th District, you can actively participate in the discussion.    

If you agree with the proposed cuts, let me know as well. But too much property tax is generated in the 5th Council District for it to bear the brunt of budget cuts.   


Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske