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8/29/11 UPDATE: Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Information
Residents and Businesses are Encouraged to Participate


An updated budget meeting schedule is available below.  Please note that the budget meeting scheduled for August 30 has been cancelled. 


The City's website - contains the Proposed Fiscal Year 2012 Budget, the Mayor's Recommendations, an easy-to-read Community Budget Book, and a PowerPoint presentation that highlights the major components of the budget.

The budget will be discussed in greater detail at numerous City Council, Budget Oversight and community meetings at various times and locations throughout the community. A tentative schedule is included in the Community Budget Book, and additional meetings will be posted online as they are scheduled.


The City Manager's Proposed Budget is presented by the City Manager to the Mayor by July 1, and the Mayor releases the City Manager's Proposed Budget with his recommendations to the City Council by August 1. The City Council then has 45 days to adopt the City Manager's Proposed Budget, as amended, on or before September 15.

The Mayor has five days to exercise the line-item veto, and to return the Budget to the City Council with any recommended service reductions. The City Council then has until September 30 (the last day of the fiscal year) to override the veto or adopt the Budget as amended by the Mayor. 

To view documents used in budget meetings, please click here.

( To view the FY 2012 budget meeting schedule, please click here. )