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Ranchos Pilot Program Kicks-Off the Week of July 4th

New parking regulations and signage will soon be tested in the Ranchos community of Long Beach’s Fifth District as part of a pilot program. The parking of oversized vehicles and unattached trailers will be banned from all streets within the Ranchos based on resident requests and discussions in community forums.

Oversized vehicle and trailer bans have been the topic of much discussion in Long Beach over the past few years, and actions taken by the City Council provide for new flexibility in the implementation of parking restrictions to address problem areas.

While prohibitions would normally be introduced with the installation of signs on every block, this program calls for signs only at the 10 entrances to the community. Entrance signs will be marked with the phrase “In This Area,” to communicate to residents that the restrictions extend to all streets within the Ranchos. The program eliminates the need for over 200 new signs in the neighborhood. Entrance signs will be installed during the week of July 4th. 

Residents who own larger recreations vehicles may apply for a permit that provides a 48-hour window of time for vehicle preparation before or after a trip for up to 12 times a year. There is not a permit process for unattached trailers. Additionally, if a trailer is attached to a vehicle, it becomes an oversized vehicle, which is also prohibited.