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You Now Have A More Accessible & Open Government
Last year, with your support, we launched "Go Long Beach," a smartphone application that enables residents to report graffiti, potholes, and other neighborhood issues via GPS to the City instantly. "Go Long Beach," has been a resounding success, with over 2,500 cases reported and closed through the smartphone application.

Last night at the City Council meeting, with the support of Vice-Mayor Lowenthal and Councilmember DeLong, the Council unanimously supported the creation of "See Long Beach," a new app for iPhones, Android Phones, and Blackberry's that will allow you to look up art, murals, sculptures, and historic buildings in Long Beach via GPS in your smartphone.

The GPS technology would residents or visitors to search for the public art or historic sites by their location, type of art or historic designation, or artist or architect. The Arts Council for Long Beach is going to partner with the city to ensure a robust and dynamic application.

This new app will be a simple and inexpensive way to showcase the public art, murals and historic sites we have all over the city. We also intend to partner with both Cal State Long Beach and Long Beach City College to ensure that their public art collections are also included.

As soon as "See Long Beach" is launched, I will let you know.

A More Open Government

Additionally, last night the City Council approved an Open Government Policy authored by Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske and I to further increase openness and transparency in city government.

Since first coming into office nearly two years ago, I have made Open Government and Transparency one of my top priorities. That's why I've sponsored successful legislation to place elected officials' calendars on line, require lobbyists to register with the city, and allow residents to communicate with the city through smartphone applications.

Our new Open Government Policy Includes:

- An official Open Government Policy statement for the city.
- Start placing all completed city contracts online.
- Create a system for residents to offer public comment to the Council via the Internet.
- Make additional enhancements to the city website, including access to budget data, ethics policies, public documents and other information relevant to government accountability and citizen empowerment.

These new measures will ensure a more open, efficient, and responsible government. A big thank you to our City Clerk Larry Herrera and his team for working so hard on this policy.