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Local Preference

In an effort to encourage growth and expand opportunities for Long Beach-based businesses, the local preference allotted for Long Beach businesses increased to 5%, effective September 10, 2005.

In general, a local preference of 5% will be applied to Long Beach businesses on bids for material, equipment, supplies or non-professional services.  If a Long Beach business is within 5% of the lowest bid, then, under the new City ordinance, the Long Beach business will receive the award.

The local preference applies to contracts and purchases up to $100,000 for material, equipment, supplies or non-professional services.   Only businesses that have a Seller's Permit on file with the City listing a Long Beach address and issued by the State Board of Equalization will be eligible for this program.

This program is part of the City's ongoing commitment to support our business community.

link to the ordinance          link to the amendment