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Bikes and Lights
New Bike Registration Laws and East Village Lighting
Photo by Umberto Brayj  I have some great news to share with you this week.

Bike Registration

Last week, the City Council unanimously supported my proposal for a new and accessible bike registration program that eliminates the mandatory registration system and moves to an online national bike registry. This new and free registration system is fair, voluntary, and will partner with local bike retailers and repair shops. We have eliminated an extra level of bureaucracy for residents and visitors. Additionally, a vast majority of Long Beach residents and families who did not have their bikes registered with the city, will no longer be subject to expensive fines and bike impounds.

As we move forward, we will ensure that we partner with our local schools and police department to ensure safe streets for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists. These bike law reforms bring us one step closer to becoming America's Most Bike Friendly City.

52 New Lights on 4th Street

I would also like to let you know about the 52 brand new pedestrian light poles between Long Beach Blvd and Alamitos Avenue taht we activated last week, in a ceremony that included Mayor Bob Foster.

Come out and celebrate these and other great improvements that are contributing to the beautification of the East Village and 4th Street. These improvements include the new lights, new businesses like Fingerprints & Portfolio, new facade projects, new trees, bus stops and art.

Thanks to the Redevelopment Agency who funded the project, the Downtown Long Beach Associates, the East Village Association and Long Beach Transit.