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Free & Easy Parking, Now In Downtown Long Beach
I want to announce an exciting improvement to Downtown Parking.

Starting yesterday, all three City Parking Garages, located conveniently just East of Pine, on 3rd, 4th, and 5th streets, became fully automated and free for the first two hours. No validation required.

This new system is the first free parking system to launch in Downtown Long Beach, and we hope that it becomes a model for the rest of Downtown and the City. The 3 Parking Garages are walking distance to any destination Downtown and provide quick and easy access to any of Pine Avenue's restaurants, retail or entertainment. The Garages also provide accessibility to the City Place shopping center and the new Fresh & Easy set to open in a couple months.

The garages also feature a fully operated ticketing system, digital signs letting visitors know if the lot is full or empty, and a parking payment system for those shoppers that plan to spend longer than two hours on Pine or at City Place.

We still have many parking challenges Downtown, and more work to do, but this is an important step in the right direction.

I also want to take a moment to thank our City’s Redevelopment Agency, which is funding the new automatic systems, along with other improvements to these garages, including new security cameras and the digital entrance signs.

Other improvements are planned for 2011, including a new parking website, a multi-space parking meter pilot program, and a cutting-edge “Parking Guidance System,” which will guide drivers to available off-street parking stalls, transit stops, and biking opportunities in downtown.

Go Long Beach!

Robert Garcia