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Making Long Beach America's Most Bike Friendly City

Most of you probably don't know that in Long Beach - it is illegal to ride a bike without registering it with the City of Long Beach. This law is burdensome and creates an extra level of bureaucracy for Long Beach residents and bike enthusiasts. Additionally, a vast majority of bike owners in our city do not have their bikes registered and are therefore subject to tickets and fines. I have also heard from many tourists and visitors who worry about being pulled over because they don't have a Long Beach registration.

The new registration program that we are working on will partner with local bike shops, and include access to online bike registration programs. We will also focus our efforts on bike education, to ensure that both cyclists and motorists are respecting the rules of the road.

This new registration system in only one of the many biking initiatives we are working on. Other city projects include a new bike sharing program launching next year, new bike routes, bike sharrows, new bike racks and the new Downtown bike boulevard we are constructing on Broadway and 3rd in Downtown Long Beach.

We are working hard on making Long Beach the most bicycle-friendly, most sustainable, and highest quality of life city in California and in the nation.