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State-Level Advocacy Matters!

Last month, Californians elected Jerry Brown for governor.  Although Election Day is over, our work continues.  As he begins to formulate his policy agenda, please remind him that high-quality early childhood education is the foundation for a bright future for our children and a key component in the long-term growth of our state.  In these tough economic times, we know that high-quality early learning is a proven investment in our communities. We hope that California’s new governor will work to ensure our youngest learners’ success by taking advantage of California’s many opportunities to support early learning. Most immediately, these include preserving and protecting our current early care and education investments. It also means continuing to build the infrastructure for a high-quality, well-funded system and doing more and better with existing early learning resources.  As governor-elect Jerry Brown now prepares for elected office, please remind him that early education is important to you and our community by telling him about our early learning priorities by CLICKING HERE and sending him your message.