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Long Beach Geophysical Survey Comes to the Second District
What is the long beach geophysical survey?
The Survey will use state of the art technology to image and map the geological strata and potential faults of the Long Beach/Signal Hill area.

How does it work?
The technology used to image the subsurface geological strata uses specialized trucks to input acoustical energy into the ground. The acoustic
waves generated are very subtle, but can penetrate deep into the earth. The different geological strata generate reflections as the acoustic wave passes by. These acoustic reflections can be detected by very sensitive and specialized recording devices called “Nodes” that are placed in the ground. The recorded data is downloaded and processed by highly sophisticated computer programs that generate a three dimensional image of the earth’s crust.

Has this type of survey been done in long beach/signal hill before?
Yes. Multiple geophysical surveys have been conducted in the Long Beach/Signal Hill area in the past. The most recent survey was in Summer  2010. More information is available on the project website (see below).

What impact will the survey equipment have?
The node recording devices will typically be placed along streets within the public right of way in landscape areas, grass areas and tree wells. To place the nodes, 6 inch diameter holes are drilled approximately 8 inches deep. The nodes are then placed in the holes and covered with soil and/or grass. When the nodes are removed, landscape and/or grass will be restored. Some nodes may be placed on private property with the owner’s permission.
The nodes will remain in place for 4-5 months. The survey trucks will operate mostly on public streets. The trucks may operate off street on commercial sites and vacant land with permission of the owners. The trucks create a momentary minor surface vibration when they input acoustic energy into the ground. The trucks will operate at any one location for 15 minutes or less. Technicians will monitor surface ground vibration with digitally recording meters whenever the trucks are operating.

Who is performing the study?
The study will be done by NodalSeismic, LLC who owns and operates the specialized equipment required to obtain the survey data. The survey is sponsored by Signal Hill Petroleum, Inc.

Why is the study being performed?
The information obtained will provide an unprecedented understanding of the deeper geology and potential faulting in the area of the survey. The Survey team is working with several universities and government agencies and will
share the survey data for academic and scientific research of potential faults. This information will also give a better understanding of additional oil
and resource potential of the Long Beach/Signal
Hill area.

What is the project schedule?
The next phase of project work is scheduled for Fall and Winter 2010/2011. A final schedule will be issued (and will be available on the project website) after all city and landowner permits are obtained. The project trucks will work on public streets typically Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

What streets will the equipment work on?
Approximately 3 days prior to survey trucks arrival in your area, you will receive a brochure in the mail. Inside the brochure you will find an insert listing streets and days the trucks will be surveying. Also our website ( will provide real-time information including truck
locations and their operational hours.

Who do I contact for more information?
NodalSeismic, LLC will be managing the project. The project manager can be contacted during normal business hours at 562-326-5186. Additional information, including schedule updates are also available on the project website .

E-mail contact with the project manager can be made through the
website too. Emergencies can also be reported at any time to Signal Hill Petroleum at 562-595-6440.

( Long Beach Geophysical Brochure )