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Wanted: Old, Bald, Flat or Fried

Recycle E-Waste & Used Tires

Drop off your unwanted e-waste or used tires on Saturday, July 10, 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.  The recycling event will be held at the Environmental Services Bureau facility at 2929 E. Willow Street, Long Beach.

E-Waste includes:

  • Computer monitors, printers or scanners
  • keyboards & mouses
  • TV sets and VCRs
  • cell phones
  • CPUs
  • fax machines
  • electronic games
  • microwave ovens


No rims, no businesses and only 5 tires or fewer per automobile
will be accepted

No hazardous waste accepted including:
fluorescent light bulbs;
used oil/oil filters; paint; pesticides; expired pharmaceuticals;
household batteries;car batteries; pool chemicals;
white goods such as refrigerators, stoves and washing machines, etc.

 Funded by a grant from the California Integrated Waste Management Board.  Zero Waste.  You make it happen!