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Schipske Calls on LBPOST to Remove City Employee Names
Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske called upon the LBPOST blog to remove the names of individual City employees which they have posted on-line with the employees' job titles and salaries. She has also asked the City Manager to explain how this information was released and why the City Council nor the employees associations representing employees were notified that this information would be placed on-line.

Schipske believes the same "purpose" of the postings could have been accomplished by listing the job titles and the salaries.

"I am a strong proponent of transparency in government but it is not necessary to expose the names of city employees when disclosing what each job is paid. The job titles and salaries would have been sufficient," says Schipske. "Additionally, I understand that many of the salaries posted are not even correct nor were the furloughs (loss of pay) reflected in the postings."