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New LNG Fueling Station
Vice Mayor Lerch speaks at Grand Opening of LNG fueling station. Consolidated Disposal Service unvieled its new liquified natural gas (LNG) fueling station on April 9, 2010.  The new station, at Consolidated's North Long Beach site at 2495 E. 68th Street, features one 20,000-gallon LNG storage tank and two LNG dispensers.

Bill Stansberry, General Manager of the Long Beach Division, said, "Consolidated is proud to be a leader not only in solid waste but also in the pursuit of cleaner air."

Long Beach Vice Mayor Val Lerch, whose district includes the site of the new LNG station, spoke at the grand opening event. "Thanks to the visionary efforts of companies like Consolidated, Long Beach continues to be a strong leader in protecting our environment," said Vice Mayor Lerch.

About LNG Technology
Natural gas vehicle fuel provides lower emissions than gasoline and diesel, including up to a 23% reduction in greenhouse gases in medium-and heavy-duty applications and up to 30% reductions for light-duty vehicles. 

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