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Public Calendars Approved by Council

Last night, Long Beach took another big step towards greater openness and accountability in government. On the same night it gave final approval to the lobbyist ordinance I sponsored, the City Council voted unanimously to approve the creation of a public calendar system for all elected officials.

 I believe in transparent, accountable government, and one of my first acts upon taking office 10 months ago was to place my own calendar on-line for the public to see. That process will now be streamlined and made available to all elected officials.

 Those officials who choose to use the calendar will have all of our official scheduled meetings posted on-line for public viewing. This will allow the public to know more about what your elected officials are doing with our time who we meet with, and why.

 The system will be voluntary each official can decide whether to implement it for his or her office. I support requiring the use of public calendars for all elected officials, but based on the public statements of my colleagues on the City Council, a mandatory system did not appear to have majority support at this time. For now, a voluntary system was the best outcome, and will go a long way to increasing accountability.


I will implement the public calendar system for the First District office as soon as it is available, and I will continue to push for more measures that increase government transparency and accountability.


Go Long Beach!