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A New Lobbying Ordinance
February 10, 2010

A New Lobbying Ordinance


Last night, the City Council unanimously approved a new Lobbying Ordinance for our city.  Long Beach has now joined every other big city in California with a lobbyist registration law.  A big thanks to the City Attorney and his staff for crafting a solid and fair ordinance.  While not perfect, it still moves us in the direction of a more open and transparent government.


When I was campaigning for the City Council, I promised that I would work at making our city government more open and accessible to the people we serve. As you know, I have posted my calendar online since my first day in office.  Ultimately, the responsibility of transparency is not only with private lobbyists, but with elected officials.

I am proud that in my first seven months in office, I have authored and passed with the support of my colleagues two substantial pieces of open government legislation:

They include:

- Legislation that will enable elected officials to post their calendars on the city website.

A new lobbying ordinance to register lobbyists and gifts to elected officials.

These two new open government reforms will bring positive CHANGE to our city.

Go Long Beach !