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Fire Station 12 Groundbreaking
Saturday, March 6, 2010, was a rainy morning, but the turnout at the Groundbreaking ceremony for the new Ninth District Fire Station had standing room only! 

North Long Beach residents, dignitaries and Long Beach Fire Department personnel were well represented at the event.  Channel 7 News, as well as numerous local news services were also present to hear speakers describe planning efforts that have been in the works for many years to build a new North Long Beach station to replace the old facility, a converted single-family home in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Vice Mayor Val Lerch, Councilmember for the 9th District where Station 12 is located had as one of his goals when he took office to re-locate the aging and inadequately sized Station 12.  Lerch said, "They told me there was no way we could get a fire station built here, that there would never be the money or any way of financing it." On Saturday, he expressed his great enthusiasm and pride at seeing this goal nearly completed as he comes to the end of his second term in office. 

Funding for the new facility comes primarily from Federal Stimulus money, freeing up Redevelopment funds for other needed North Long Beach projects.

The new Station 12 will be a three-bay station covering the entire northwest corner of Artesia Boulevard and Orange Avenue.  Included in the plans are a main station of 12,511 square feet and a second disaster support building of 5,183 square feet.  A community meeting room is also included in the plans.

There will be living facilities for both male and female firefighters (something that was lacking in the old building) and a new 100-foot-tall radio tower will fill the gap in radio coverage for North Long Beach, another addition to protection of the community as a result of this project.

Innovative design eliminates the need for fire engines to back into garages, greatly reducing the use of back-up beeps that could disturb nearby residents.

Construction is expected to take about 18 months.  It is the first new residential fire station in Long Beach in decades and will allow the City to create a regional disaster supply depot with enough material to handle the northern half of the City in the case of a major disaster.

Open the pdf to view an artist rendering of the new Fire Station 12, which will replace the current one located in a converted single-family home on Gundry Avenue in North Long Beach.

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