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Update: 5th District Solar & Sustainability Energy Taskforce

With the new year, we are also changing to a new meeting date for the Solar and Sustainability Task Force. We will now be meeting on the second Monday of the month, instead of the fourth.
So our next Solar and Sustainability Task Force Meeting on Monday, January 11th at 7:00 pm. As usual we will be meeting at the Parks, Recreation and Marine Administration Building at 2760 Studebaker Road.

With the New Year, we want to get the task force doing more work on policy again. So at our next meeting, Long Beach Sustainability Officer, Meredith Reynolds, will speak about what is going on in the Office of Sustainability, including an update the City's Sustainability Plan.
We will also get an update on our upcoming Solar Grand Prix, a solar model car race. We are very excited, because we have over 80 teams signed up to participate.

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