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Streetcars Returning to Long Beach?
A Limited Feasibility Points to the Possibilities
Red Car in Long Beach

As part of Lowenthal's motion, the City would examine ways the streetcars could complement other transportation options offered by Long Beach Transit; provide a green transportation alternative for moving people between City landmarks; determine the physical and financial viability of establishing a streetcar line; fit the scale and traffic patterns of existing neighborhoods; and reduce short inner-city auto trips, parking demand and traffic congestion.

In terms of her interest in this idea, Lowenthal said, "Street car systems are part of a growing urban renewal trend focused on bringing more homeowners, tourists and private business investment into downtown and its arterials so it's an economic engine.  They reduce traffic congestion, ease parking, and entice riders who wouldn't normally use public transportation.  They are a catalyst for change and helping communities maximize their public/private investment."

City Council Members received a presentation and reviewed a limited feasibility study about bringing streetcars to Long Beach on Tuesday, November 17.  A link to the streetcar study can be found below. 

( Limited Streetcar Feasibility Study )