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k-9 Corner Dog Park Now Open

K-9 Corner Dog Park, as Ninth and Pacific, is now open. The park is the City's first all-solar-powered park, and brings much needed green space to the neighborhood.

The park, a project funded by the Redevelopment Agency - is a project very close to my heart.

When I was President of the NPNA, two neighbors of mine, Andreas Herr and Cynthia Ojeda, were walking the neighborhood when we came across an empty lot and imagined a new community project that could activate a blighted corner and provide a safe and welcoming environment for neighbors and their dogs.

We proposed the idea to then Councilmember Bonnie Lowenthal, and she assisted us with acquiring the land and the funding from the RDA.

Since then, the NPNA has been working tirelessly with RDA staff to design, develop and now open the park. This park is a true testament to grassroots community organizing. I want to thank the city and our community for really
coming together on this project.

The park is also very special because it is the first park ever in this city to be entirely off the grid - it uses one hundred percent solar power to meet all its energy needs. What a great step forward for sustainability!

K-9 Corner is a vibrant new community park that is now part of a Master Plan to develop Pacific Avenue into a safe and thriving corridor.