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City of Long Beach Blood Drive Brings in 42 Units
Up to 126 people could be impacted by Wednesday's blood drive
American Red Cross

Mayor Bob Foster, the City of Long Beach and the American Red Cross held a blood drive on September 9 that collected a total of 42 units of blood.  Each unit of blood could save up to three lives, so the blood drive could potentially impact up to 126 people.  Mayor Foster joined more than 60 Long Beach City employees, residents and other downtown Long Beach workers at the event held at the Long Beach Main Library.

“I want to thank every single person who stopped by on Wednesday to donate,” said Mayor Foster.  “Blood is a valuable but perishable commodity and there’s no substitute.  Our local emergency supply is only sustained when we take the time to roll up our sleeves and give blood.”

The Red Cross serves more than 150 hospitals in Southern California, including four in Long Beach. 

Throughout the year, less than three percent of eligible Southern California donors actually donate blood.  According to the Red Cross, shelf stock can reach minimal levels during the summer months and raise daunting challenges for local hospitals.  Blood is needed for a variety of reasons including helping victims of car accidents, cancer patients, and people with blood disorders that require blood transfusion in order to survive.  In past years, hospitals have postponed surgeries while doctors triaged patients to determine those with the greatest blood needs.

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