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US Postmaster Asks for Public Input on Decision to Consolidate Some of Redondo Avenue Post Office Operations into LA or Santa Ana

Dear Readers:
I have received a copy of a letter sent to Mayor Bob Foster from the US Postmaster Ken Snavely announcing the intent of the US Postal Service to "conduct an Area Mail Processing (AMP) study of mail processing at the Long Beach Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC) at Redondo Avenue for possible consolidation of some operations into the Los Angeles P&DC or the Santa Ana P&DC."
Because the US Postal Services is "facing one of the most difficult challenges in its history," it is looking to "realign its processing and delivery network to match its resources with mail volume....Consolidating some postal operations only makes logical business sense given the economic realities. It would be fiscally irresponsible not to do so."
The Postmaster is asking for the public's input as part of the process in making the determine regarding the Redondo Avenue facility.
Please send you comments to:
Consumer Affairs Manager
3101 W. Sunflower Avenue
Santa Ana, CA 92799-9325
Moving or consolidating the Redondo Avenue mail facility will have a huge impact on Long Beach and the 5th Council District in which it is located.
Please let the Postmaster know your thoughts on this issue.
Thanks for taking time to become involved.

Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske