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5th District Duck Patrol Activity Event on Sunday, November 9th
Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske and the 5th District Duck Patrol invite you to join area youth to educate the community about the harm that feeding wild ducks causes.  This Sunday, November 9, children from the Boy Scouts and Camp Fire USA will be participating in a demonstration and educational activity at the local duck pond.

The demonstration will involve showing the negative impact that bread can have on the stomachs of ducks.  Using plastic bags and bread the children will be able to demonstrate the inability of wild ducks to be able to digest the bread.   In addition to the demonstration, the children from the Boy Scouts and Camp Fire USA will distribute information to park patrons encouraging them not to feed the waterfowl.

The project was spawned by the 5th District Lakes, Ponds, and Wetlands Taskforce as a way to educate the community about the harmful effects that feeding wild ducks has.  Wild ducks need to eat the green foods that grow naturally in their environment in order to maintain good health and a normal life span. Their ability to fly and retain natural instincts for survival depends entirely on the foods they eat. Disease, malnutrition, over breeding, infighting, easy pickings for predators, are just a few of the problems that occur when people feed the ducks.

What:   5th District Duck Patrol 

When:  Sunday, November 9, 2:00 pm 3:00 pm

Where: El Dorado Park Duck Pond
            2500 N. Studebaker Road
            Long Beach, CA 90815
            (Between Willow St. & Stearns Ave.)

Visuals: Great visuals of children performing the demonstration and distributing information to park patrons