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City Announces New Downtown Long Beach Courthouse to Move Forward
Public-Private Partnership Approved by State of California

The City of Long Beach announced that the California Joint Legislative Budget Committee has approved the Administrative Office of the Court’s (AOC) endeavor to enter into a public-private partnership for the development of a new courthouse downtown.  The AOC has been in negotiations with the City of Long Beach and its Redevelopment Agency (RDA) for over a year.     

"This is first in the state of California for a project of this magnitude," said Mayor Bob Foster.  "Long Beach has found a unique and creative way to maximize our local dollars and enter into a public/private partnership that will result in a new courthouse for our city."

The AOC is positioned to begin a competitive selection process of soliciting proposals for the design, finance, construction, operation and maintenance of a new facility. The state will own the new building, and will make payments for 30 years to cover operating costs.

"The AOC is eager to begin the selection process for the development of this urgently needed new courthouse," said Ronald Overholt, Chief Deputy Director of the Administrative Office of the Courts.  "The Long Beach public-private partnership will serve as a model that can effectively be used in state government projects, and be replicated throughout other areas of the state." 

The AOC, the City and the RDA have been working together to outline a land transaction that will allow the courthouse to be built.  The new facility will be located in Downtown’s West Gateway area, between Broadway and 3rd, West of Magnolia.  The courthouse is anticipated to be complete in 2012, and will replace the outdated facility located at 415 Ocean Boulevard.

For more information about the RFQ to be released by the AOC, please visit