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You Can Help Dogs in the Village Shelter Facility
The City of Long Beach Animal Care Services (ACS) receives many requests regarding ways to volunteer to help the animals at our shelter. Currently, ACS is promoting the slogan of "A Toy for Every Animal", to improve health and wellness.  Chew toys like the classic Red Kong toys help keep animals' minds and bodies engaged, leading to greater health and a higher rate of adoption.

HOW YOU CAN HELP.  The City of Long Beach ACS has implemented a new program for collecting all sizes of Red KONG classic toys for shelter dogs in the Village shelter facility.  The irresistible chew toy is nearly indestructible and safe.  It can be easily cleaned and disinfected after each use.

PURCHASING A TOY.  Purchase all sizes of Kong Classic toys directly online or at most pet store.  Either drop them off yourself at ACS at the P.D. Pitchford Animal Shelter or have them shipped directly to the following address:

7700 E. Spring Street
Long Beach, CA 90815
Contact: Debra Brubaker, Public Health Associate (562) 570-7387

DONATIONS.  We are working closely with our registered rescue organizations, including the Friends of Long Beach Animals (FOLBA) to obtain toys for the dogs as well as cats housed in the care of ACS.  Monetary donations to the Friends of Long Beach Animals (FOLBA) will allow FOLBA to purchase Kittie Woofer balls for cats or the classic Red Kong toys for dogs.  Send checks to:  Friends of Long Beach Animals, P.O. Box 9273, Long Beach, CA 90809-2736.  Specify "Dog Toy" or "Cat Toy" in the memo line.