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SNIP, A Low Cost Spay/Neuter Offer
 Vouchers are available through S.N.I.P. (Spay/Neuter Incentive Program) from Friends of Long Beach Animals at the 9th District Field Office located at 6335 Myrtle Avenue. 


Vouchers at this location are limited to 9th District residents. ID is requested. Call 570-3319 to make an appointment.


The vouchers cover spay/neuter and first vaccination (4-in-1) only (extra services the hospital might offer are not covered) for your household pets. 

There is a limit of one pet per voucher and up to two vouchers per household.  The vouchers can be redeemed at one of the five Animal Hospitals participating in the program. 

There is a co-payment of $20 per cat, payable when services are rendered. 

Vouchers given at this location are limited to the 9th Council District only (roughly, north of South Street).   Bring proof of residency please.


NEW! (3/2010) 
-- The 9th District field office has vouchers for dogs.