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Census Bureau Testing for Managers
Census Bureau Now Testing for Managers
July 31, 2008

General Information:
The Census Bureau will be testing for various management positions at the Early Local Census Office opening shortly in Long Beach.  The Census Bureau is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

* Local Census Office Managers
* Assistant Manager for Field Operations
* Assistant Manager for Administration
* Assistant Manager for Recruiting
* Assistant Manager for Quality Assurance
* Assistant Manager for Technology

Salaries range from $20.00-$29.00 per hour depending on the position

* Must be a US citizen
* Pass a background/fingerprint check
* Pass a Census Bureau written exam
* Must be 18 years of age or older
* Must have at least 2 years management experience

How to Apply:
Must call 877.232.3385 before July 31, 2008 to learn about the entire application process and to reserve a seat.  Seperate application package (forms) are required for each position desired.  The Census Bureau will test candidates on July 31, from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm at the Career Transition Center in Long Beach.

Please Note!
Bring any combination of the following documents with you on your first visit:
* State ID / Driver's License AND Social Security Card, OR
* School ID Card (with birth date) AND Social Security Card, OR
* School ID Card (without birth date) AND Social Security Card AND birth certificate, OR
* US Passport AND any proof of Social Security Number (Social Security Card, school printout)

Please bring your unexpired Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) if applicable.

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