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Come Ride The Surf Bus!
Long Beach boy learning to surf.

The Long Beach Department of Parks, Recreation and Marine invites kids to board the Long Beach Surf Bus for a day of sun and fun in Huntington Beach. Kids ages 5 to 17, who have registered for the program, will be picked up at one of 19 locations at Long Beach parks, and taken down to Seapoint in Huntington Beach for free surfing lessons once a week for five weeks, with the goal of learning how to surf. The program begins the week of July 21-25 and runs through the week of August 18-22.


This is the first year that Long Beach has participated in the program, which has been successful in several cities, including Los Angeles. The mission of the Surf Bus is to design and implement a safe, educational and fun experience at the beach for at-risk urban youth.  All activities are age appropriate with a focus on inspiring a lifelong relationship with the sea.


Kids at all swim levels will be provided with free surf instruction, use of surfboards, bodyboards, and wetsuits/rashguards. Activities will include age appropriate water safety lessons including rip currents, sea life, first aid, surf size, tides; ocean swim games that teach participants how to be "wave ready." Each participant will receive one-on-one instruction and surf lessons.


Approximately 300 participants will participate in the program space is limited, so please contact your local park supervisor for more details and to sign up.