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Councilwoman Schipske Calls for Sturdy Barricades and Traffic Safety Plan at Farmer's Markets
Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske asks City Manager, Pat West, to have staff develop a traffic plan that protects pedestrians attending Long Beach area farmers’ markets throughout the City.

Schipske made her request after a $21 million dollar settlement was announced this week by the City of Santa Monica and other defendants as a result of the 2003 crash at the downtown farmers market that claimed the lives of 10 people and injured 63 others.

"Both the court of appeals and the National Transportation Safety Board raised serious questions about Santa Monica’s lack of steps to protect pedestrians at the farmers market," says Schipske, noting that NTSB found Santa Monica partly to blame because the movable barriers were ineffective and the City did not have an up-to date traffic plan to protect the pedestrians from the very type of incident that happened.

"Two weeks ago, I received a request from a constituent who asked that the City replace the same type of saw-horses that were used as barricades in Santa Monica with either vehicles or a sturdier type of barricade," reports Schipske. "I referred the request but city staff rejected it. In light of the potential liability raised in the Santa Monica case, I am requesting that staff reconsider and take a more aggressive course to protect pedestrians."