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Long Beach --  Vice Mayor Bonnie Lowenthal tonight awarded 100 community activists, residents, businesses and city employees with "Environmental Steward" awards to highlight the diverse contributions made to support resource conservation and environmental efforts in the City of Long Beach during her annual First District presentation night at the City Council meeting.


"I am very pleased to be able to congratulate a sampling of the many people across our city who are very serious about making their own contributions to save our environment and conserve our valuable natural resources," said Vice Mayor Lowenthal.  "Long Beach should be proud of the great strides that are being made at the local level."


Awardees were recognized in nine categories:  1)  Community conservationists – working to conserve and enhance our community, 2) Urban forest protection, 3)  Water quality and conservation, 3) Reduce, reuse, and recycle, 4)  Bicycling and alternative transportation, 5)  Refuse and litter reduction, 6)  Air quality, 7)  Open space and park expansion, and 8)  Energy and leadership in greenbuilding.


The Aquarium of the Pacific was recognized with the "Environmentalist of the Year" award for their leadership in education and conservation.


Following is a comprehensive list of awardees:


Community Conservationists:

            Cmdr Jay Johnson, South Division, LBPD

            Cmdr Robt Luman, West Division, LBPD

            David White, Pat Paris, Redevelopment Agency – CPAC

            Aldo Schindler, Tony Rivera, Redevelopment Agency – WestPAC

            Sgt. Robt Woods, LBPD – for solving City Hall burglary

            Rachel Potucek and Ryan Smolar – University by the Sea

            Janelle Holt – "Preschool Teacher of the Year" by LA Universal Preschool

Urban Forest Protection:

            Mark Christoffels – Bureau of Engineering, Tree Master Plan

            Allen McDaniels – First district appointee to City’s Tree Committee

            City’s certified arborists:  Jerry Rowland, Eliud Aguirre, Felix Mendoza

                        Homer Flewellen

            James Osgood – works with community to plant trees

            David Cundiff – LB Organic president

            Mauna Eichner – proponent of meandering sidewalks

Water Quality and Conservation:

            Long Beach Water Department and Commission

            Tom Leary, Stormwater Management

            Shelly Backlar, E.D. of FoLAR

            Tammy Metzger, Long Beach appointee to FoLAR

            Gordana Cajar and Ed Hindricks, Surfrider Foundation

            Nan Gladden and 735 Cedar – for replanting landscaping with drought tolerant


Reduce, Reuse and Recycle:

            Larry Herrera, City Clerk’s office – reduction of ballot and agenda printing

            Zephyr Vegetarian Cafι – environmentally friendly restaurant

            Found Theatre – Virginia DeMoss

            GoodWill – Janet McCarthy – for E-Waste drives

Bicycling and Alternative Transportation

            Sumi Gant – City of Long Beach bicycling initiatives

            Downtown Guides- DLBA – downtown ambassadors on Segways and bikes

            LBPD Bike cops

            John Case, Bikestation

            Alexandra Torres Galancid, WINTER, teaches cycling skills to women

            Russ Roca – environmentally friendly photographer

            Long Beach Cyclists – group that promotes social bike rides

            Long Beach Transit – Guy Heston, offers hybrid buses

            Big Red Bus – Peter Joseph, double decker bus

            Mike Donelon – skateboard promoter

            Cisco Burgers – solar powered restaurant, uses biodegradable paper products

Refuse and Litter Reduction

            Environmental Services – Jim Kuhl

            Neighborhood Services Dept – sponsors clean-ups with community groups

            Justin Rudd – organized Community Action Team

            El Dorado Nature Center – participated in Coastal Clean up Days

            Litter Free Long Beach – Jill Hill

            First District Youth Advisory – spearheaded clean-ups

Air Quality

            Port of Long Beach – funding incentive program accelerating cargo vessel

                        operators use of clean burning fuel

            LBACA – Long Beach Alliance for Children with Asthma

            Coalition for Clean Air

            Coalition for Smoke Free Long Beach – 80 members of coalition representing

                        Local residents, youth, voluntary health organizations, health care

                        Providers, LBUSD, CSULB, LBCC, churches, CBO’s

Open Space and Park Expansion:

            Parks, Recreation and Marine Dept – adding many acres of parkspace

            Brian Ulaszewski – efforts leading to pocket parks

            North Pine Neighborhood Alliance – new dog park

            New City School – innovative partnerships to build more playground

            Better Balance Long Beach – advocates for park space at 14th St Park

Energy and Leadership in Greenbuilding:

            Long Beach Airport – solar array

            Long Beach Development Dept – new developments are energy efficient

            Larry Rich – staff to Sustainability Commission and Green Building


            Sustainability Commission – Suxana Gonzales – First district appointee

            Green Building Commission – Rick Meghiddo as architect on GBC

            Long Beach Convention Center – David Gordon – solar array on roof

            SCE – energy audits, energy efficiency light products

            CSULB – solar array

            Long Beach Library – MacArthur "Green" Library – Eleanor Schmidt

                        City’s first LEED certified building


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