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North Village EIR Scoping Meeting

The proposed project is a mixed use "village center" on an approximately 6.3 acre site encompassing two full City blocks on both sides of Atlantic Avenue between South Street and 59th Street.  The project proposal would provide up to 180 multi-family dwelling units, up to 50,000 square feet of neighborhood serving commercial/retail space, a public library and community center totaling approximately 30,000 square feet, and approximately 600 off-street parking spaces.  The maximum building heights would be five stories on Atlantic Avenue and two stories on both Linden and Lime Avenues.  The entire project would utilize "green" design strategies including stormwater management, use of natural light, recycling programs and energy efficient appliances.

At a minimum, the EIR will examine the potential impacts generated by the proposed project in relation to the following Environmental Analysis Checklist categories:  Aesthetics, Air Quality, Cultural Resources, Geology and Soils, Hazards and Hazardous Materials, Hydrology and Water Quality, Land Use and Planning, Noise, Population and Housing, Public Services, Recreation, Transportation and Circulation, and Utilities and Service Systems.

Environmental Impact Reports are required under State law to be prepared for any project that may have the potential to result in significant adverse environmental impacts.  A more complete description of the EIR requirements for this project is included in the Notice of Preparation (NOP) document available for public review at the following locations:·        City of Long Beach Development Services, City Hall, 333 W. Ocean Boulevard, 5th Floor, Long Beach, CA  90802

·        The City’s website at:

·        The following City of Long Beach public libraries:  Long Beach Main Library (101 Pacific Ave.) and Long Beach Library North Branch (5571 Orange Ave.)

Scoping Meeting: A public Scoping Meeting will held to provide an opportunity for the public and representatives of public agencies to address the scope of the EIR.  This Scoping Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 5, 2008 at 6:30 pm in the Houghton Park Community Building, 6301 Myrtle Ave. (between Harding and 64th Streets).

Public Review Period:  The City of Long Beach will accept written comments (by regular mail, delivery, fax or e-mail) during the NOP public comment period until March 21, 2008.

Comments may be sent to:       

Angela Reynolds, Environmental Officer

City of Long Beach

Department of Development Services

333 W. Ocean Boulevard, 5th Floor

Long Beach, CA 90802

562.570.6068 (fax)


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