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Vice Mayor Bonnie Lowenthal Supports Regulations to Reduce Emissions from Diesel Auxiliary Engines on Ocean-Going Vessels
December 5, 2007
Vice Mayor Bonnie Lowenthal urged the California Air Resources Board to adopt regulations to reduce emissions from diesel auxiliary engines on ocean-going vessels while at berth at a California port.  

Her submitted comments into the record are:

I am writing to support the adoption and implementation of regulations to require ocean-going vessels to reduce their emissions while docked at a California port.


I am supportive of the strictest regulations that would result in the greatest reductions of emissions in the earliest possible timeframe.  Currently, ocean-going vessels run diesel auxiliary engines while docked at berth to run onboard equipment.  According to the CARB staff report on the Initial Statement of Reasons for Proposed Rulemaking, these vessels which include container ships, passenger ships, cargo ships, bulk ships, tankers and vehicle carriers, generated 1.8 tons per day of diesel particulate matter and 21.1 tons per day of nitrogen oxide in California in 2006.  I have promoted and supported cold ironing (alternative marine power) at the Port of Long Beach since 2001 when I was first elected. 


The health of communities adjacent to the port and throughout the State of California are being negatively impacted by the harmful pollutants generated by ocean-going vessels docked at berth.  These harmful pollutants cause and elevate serious health problems, such as the risk of cancer, respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses, and premature mortality.


I urge you to adopt regulations to maximize emissions reductions and protect our community’s health as early as possible.





Vice Mayor