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Vice Mayor Bonnie Lowenthal Urges CARB to Adopt Regulations to Control Emissions From Heavy Duty Drayage Trucks
December 5, 2007
Vice Mayor Bonnie Lowenthal submitted the following statement into the public record to support CARB's proposed regulation to control emissions from in-use on-road diesel fueled heavy-duty drayage trucks at ports and intermodal rail yard facilities:

I urge the California Air Resources Board to adopt and implement regulations to control emissions from diesel-fueled drayage trucks at ports and intermodal rail yard facilities.


The San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan cites diesel pollution from port serving trucks as one of the biggest contributors to the degradation of air in Los Angeles County.  The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach recently approved a progressive ban of the oldest trucks based on the following schedule:


  • October 1, 2008: All pre-1989 trucks will be banned from Port service.
  • January 1, 2010: 1989-1993 trucks will be banned along with unretrofitted 1994-2003 trucks.
  • January 1, 2012: All trucks that do not meet the 2007 federal standard will be banned.


The CARB proposal is an important regulation on a statewide level that complements the local bans of the Ports. 


I strongly support the proposed regulation as it guarantees that the cleanest fuels will be used to power drayage vehicles accessing the ports and intermodal rail yards.  According to the CARB staff report on Initial Statement of Reasons for the Proposed

Rulemaking, currently about 3 tons per day of diesel particulate matter and 61 tons per day of nitrogen oxide are emitted from drayage trucks moving goods to and from California’s ports and intermodal rail yards, which contributes to significant adverse health effects in our community.


I thank you for your efforts to maximize emissions reductions and protect our community’s health.





Vice Mayor