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Tire Amnesty Day
Recycle Your Old Tires!
Bring your old tires to us and help keep our alleys and streets clean Saturday, November 17, from 8 am - 12 pm at the Environmental Services Bureau.

     2929 East Willow St. in Long Beach

Tires cannot be disposed of in landfills and pose a threat to public health, safety and the environment.  Currently, ESB offers waste tire collection through its special collection program to all City-serviced refuse accounts.  The Tire Amnesty Day event gives all Long Beach residents an additional opportunity to dispose of up to five tires per automobile at no cost.  Tires must be removed from rims.  Tires from businesses will not be accepted at the event.  All tires collected will be recycled at CRM Company, LLC in Compton, California.

Remember, no rims, no businesses and no more than 5 tires per automobile will be accepted.

For further questions, call:  (562) 570-2850