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Westside Long Beach Water Tower Unveiled; 1921 Landmark Restored to New Condition
Vice Mayor Bonnie Lowenthal celebrated the restoration of the historic Snug Top water tower at 1711 Harbor Ave. on Thursday, October 25, at 3:00 pm. 

The tower, built in the Westside in 1921, was restored to its original condition through a collaboration among the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency, the Westside Project Area Committee and property owners J.B.D. Partnership and Snug Top, a Long Beach-based manufacturer. 

"This public-private collaboration between the City’s Redevelopment Agency and J.B.D Partnership has turned an old landmark into a beacon of positive change in our community," said Vice Mayor Bonnie Lowenthal, who represents the First Council District where the tower is located.  "By working together, we have transformed this tower into a symbol not only of Long Beach’s past, but also of our city’s great and shining future."

Visible from the Long Beach (710) Freeway to motorists entering and departing Long Beach, the structure was enclosed in scaffolding and protective cover for several months as crews performed the restoration.  The scaffolding was recently removed. Although not in use, the water tower will remain an iconic structure, just southwest of the 710 Freeway and Pacific Coast Highway.

The Redevelopment Agency provided $266,000 towards the structural restoration, while J.B.D. has committed $65,000 over 10 years for maintenance costs.

"Our partnerships with other public and private entities are what make the Redevelopment Agency such an effective agent for growth in our City," said Craig Beck, Agency Manager.  "For years the tower was neglected and exhibited signs of deterioration.  Now it will be a source of community pride and a symbol of how we can all work together in building a better Long Beach," continued Beck.

For more than 45 years, the Long Beach Redevelopment Agency has worked to enhance the quality of life by improving blighted areas of Long Beach, revitalizing neighborhoods, promoting economic development, creating jobs, providing affordable housing and encouraging citizen participation.