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BREAKING NEWS - Declaration of Imminent Water Supply Shortage

BREAKING NEWS - Declaration of Imminent Water Supply Shortage

Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners activates City's Water Supply Shortage Plan; additional citywide prohibitions on water use

LONG BEACH, CA - The Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners today officially declared that a water supply shortage for the City of Long Beach is imminent, at a meeting held at the Long Beach Water Departmentís Groundwater Treatment Facility. In making the Declaration, the Board of Water Commissioners has activated the Long Beach Water Departmentís Emergency Water Supply Shortage Plan, implementing additional water use prohibitions throughout the City of Long Beach. The Declaration is a proactive measure taken to forestall or lessen the impact of an expected water supply shortage.

The Declaration of an Imminent Water Supply Shortage is necessitated by the profound impact of a U.S. District Courtís August 31st , federal Endangered Species Act ruling, the dramatic, recent reductions in water storage levels in key reservoirs in northern California, this yearís record low rainfall in the southern California coastal plain, and a continuation of the historic 8-year drought in the Colorado River Watershed, which is a significant source of imported water for southern California. Nearly half of the Cityís water supply is imported. The City of Long Beach has been under a Declaration of Immediate and Extraordinary Water Conservation since June 14th.

Read the Board's media release and list of use prohibitions,


Water Use Prohibitions in the City of Long Beach, as adopted

by the Long Beach Board of Water Commissioners, and as

incorporated, by reference, in the City of Long Beach Municipal



(1) Serving drinking water to any customer in a restaurant or

other public place where food is served, sold, or offered for

sale unless expressly requested by the customer. The

Department shall make "table tents" alerting customers to

this restriction available to restaurants and these types of

other public places;


(2) Operating a non-water conserving pre-rinse nozzle in a food-

preparation establishment, such as a restaurant or cafeteria;


(3) Washing driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, patios or other

outdoor cemented areas with a garden hose, unless it is

attached to a pressurized water broom;


(4) Irrigating landscape with potable water any day other than

Monday, Thursday, or Saturday, except for very short periods

of time for the expressed purpose of adjusting or repairing

the irrigation system;


(5) Irrigating landscape with potable water between the hours of

7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.;


(6) Irrigating landscape with potable water using stream rotator-

type or gear-driven sprinklers for more than fifteen (15)

minutes per watering day per station, or for more than ten

(10) minutes per watering day per station for all other types of

sprinklers. Exempt from these landscape irrigation

restrictions are irrigation systems using very low-flow drip-

type irrigation when no emitter produces more than two (2)

gallons of water per hour;


(7) Operating an irrigation system which, in the determination of

the General Manager, is significantly water-inefficient by

virtue of any or all of the following: excessive over spray,

misting, over pressurization, misaligned or tilted spray heads,

or any other malfunction or out-of-adjustment condition;


(8) Irrigating landscape using reclaimed water to the point that

the landscape becomes saturated and irrigation waters flow

off the landscape.


(9) Permitting the excess use, loss or escape of water through

breaks, leaks or other malfunctions in the water userís

plumbing or distribution system for any period of time after

such escape of water should have reasonably been

discovered and corrected;


(10) Watering or irrigating lawns, turf, or landscape areas beyond

saturation causing significant runoff, as determined by the

Long Beach Water Department (Department);


(11) Operating a fountain or other water feature that does not re-

circulate the water;


(12) Washing a vehicle with a hose when the hose does not have a

water shut-off nozzle or device attached to it or allowing a

hose to fun continuously while washing a vehicle;


(13) Using potable water, rather than reclaimed water, after the

Department has provided to the customer an analysis

showing that reclaimed water is a cost-effective alternative to

potable water and the customer has had a reasonable amount

of time, as determined by the General Manager of the

Department or the General Managerís designee (collectively,

"General Manager"), to make the conversion to reclaimed



(14) For water customers that are a hotel or motel, failing to

provide customers the option of choosing not to have towels

and linens laundered daily. The hotel or motel shall

prominently display notice of this option in each bathroom

and sleeping room using clear and easily understood

language. The Department shall make suitable displays



For questions regarding prohibitions on water use, please contact Matt

Lyons, Director of Water Conservation, at