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Coastal Cleanup Day!

Saturday, September 15, 2007 is a very important day for our environment.  On this day, volunteers from over 90 international countries are expected to take part in Coastal Cleanup Day, picking up thousands of pounds of trash and recyclables from the world’s beaches and waterways.


Eliminating trash from our beaches and waterways results in protecting our marine habitats, safeguarding the health and welfare of marine animals, beautifying the shared recreational space of our community, and promoting environmental stewardship and responsibility. 


Residents in the City of Long Beach are fortunate to have a myriad of cleanup opportunities, from beach sites to inland sites to the 100th consecutive monthly 30-minute Beach Cleanup site at 1 Granada Avenue in Belmont Shore.  Kudos to Justin Rudd for his dedication to the community and outstanding organizational abilities. For more information on cleanup locations, please visit 


We can also do our part daily to help our oceans.  As up to 80 percent of marine debris come from land-based sources, prevention and education are key elements of the anti-pollution effort.  Litter on our streets and sidewalks is carried by runoff or rainwater through the storm drain system to end up on our waterways.  By not littering onto the streets, picking up after our dogs, recycling yard waste, reducing chemical use in our yards, and not pouring fats, oils and grease into the kitchen sink, we are preventing harmful trash and waste from entering our storm drains and oceans.


Remember that you are the solution to pollution and the ocean begins at your front door!



Other LB sites include:

Pierpoint Landing, behind the Aquarium of the Pacific
Alamitos Beach, parking lot off Shoreline Dr. just south of Ocean Blvd.
Bluff Park Beach, down the stairs from the Lone Sailor Memorial
Belmont Plaza Beach, 4320 Olympic Plaza, just east of the pools
Peninsula Beach, parking lot at 72nd Place and Ocean Blvd.
Colorado Lagoon at 5119 E. Colorado St.